About 1Every5

It always seems impossible until it’s done. - Nelson Mandela

We are about strengthening public education in Ontario by shifting the power to those who are in direct contact with students on a regular basis. Essentially, we believe that when all administrators/decision makers regularly revisit their roots and become educators at the ground level, all educators will become the decision makers. Through this process of rolling up our sleeves together, trust is built. Having that trust between teachers and administration allows for authentic dialogue and sustainable positive change in our education system because all teachers then own the solutions. Consultants, Principals, VP’s, Supervisory Officers, Directors, the Deputy Minister, and the Minister of Education… every one of us who make decisions that affect the student in the classroom, teaches a full year, every five years… everyone, every five. Through 1every5, all teachers/decision makers teach, learn and dialogue side by side, allowing for true organic decision making that leads us to produce strong, skilled, productive citizens who become the backbone of Ontario’s economy and society.